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16 years rich experience in IQF frozen products and the professional team is the basic elements for LSFOODS to cooperate with you, which is also the reason why our customer can get the reasonable products conveniently through us.

*you can make accurate purchase strategy timely -- We always provide the exact market information on time to help our customers making correct purchasing plan.

*you can get the advice for new product on time -- we keep our eyes on the new product developing and we can provide the information for you immediately which is a help for you in the new product development.

*you can save more time -- you can get all what you would like to know in Chinese market through us , no need to spend more time to choose one by one by yourself. We can do it!

*you can save the purchasing cost -- we will offer you the most competitive price which can reduce the cost efficiently

*you can get good quality goods-- our quality department will supervise the quality strictly which is the same as your quality department to inspect the cargo, we confirm you can get the cargo with the best quality.

*the contract will be fulfilled on time -- We will fulfill the contract strictly, you will away from nonperformance.

* you can get the professional logistic services -- our logistic team will provide you perfect services.

LSFOODS will improve the services and range timely, and cooperate with you with honesty.

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