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Quality Control

Safe and Good quality is the most important for our clients as well as ourself. So we keep our eyes on the food safety and the quality control. We takes the following actions to confirm our clients can receive the safety and qualified cargo

* we choose the best packers to arrange the production. While we always help factory to train the workers.

* Our QC will inspect the whole production processing in the line. and he will pay more attention to the every CCPs to assure the production accordingly with HACCP.

* we cooperated with the well-knowned third-party Lab to arrange inspections of the Microbiology and the pesticide residues , which can make sure the finished product can meet the international stardards.

* all of the product is sorted by hand carefully to make sure it is free from the foreign matters, assure to meet the specifications of customers.

* all of our products will be inspected by metal detector, and we check the metal detector per half-hour to assure it works well.

* We assure the finished products with good condition and store at right temperature.

* We always check the container at the correct temperature when we load the cargo carefully, to assure the good loaded well.

* we have established good tracing system, finished product can be traced to the raw material, assure we can easy checking the reason and improve it in case of goods have problem.

LSFOODS will control the quality for you all the time, same as your QC in China.


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